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What Is (Who Are) the Islamic State (Contents)

December 10, 2015

Contents of this lengthy episode:

[Updates, on page 14.]

Page 1:  Rev. Fundamentalism: the Graeme Wood article, “What ISIS Really Wants,” mainly about ideology.

Page 2:  More about fundamentalism, in general and in America.

Page 3:  Rev. article by Lydia Wilson, “What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters,” about motivation of common soldiers.

Page 4:  Link to the HuffPost list of 10; article in NYTimes, by Rukmini Callimachi, “ISIS and the Lonely Young Woman,” about the ISIS recruitment of a young American.

Page 5:  Rev. article on history of ISIS: “The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of the Islamic State,” by Christopher Reuter, about Hajji Bakr.

Page 6:  Rev. article by William McCants, “The Believer,” about the Caliph of IS.

Page 7:  Rev. article by Mona Mahmood, “Double-layered Veils and Despair…,” about life for women in IS.

Page 8:  Rev. article by Martin Chulov, “Isis, the inside story,” about the role of Camp Bucca in the organizing of IS.

Page 9:  Rev. article, “Have We Got ISIS All Wrong, in which Nick Robins-Early interviews Dr. Hussein Ibish.

Page 10:  Rev. article in Der Spiegel/HuffPost,11/29-30/15: “Former Military Chief: Iraq War Was A ‘Failure’ That Helped Create ISIS.”

Page 11:  Rev. article by Rukmini Callimachi, “ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape.”

Page 12:  Rev. article by Karen Yourish, Derek Watkins and Tom Giratikanon, “ISIS Is Likely Responsible for Nearly 1,000 Civilian Deaths Outside Iraq and Syria.”

Page 13A:  Rev. “Profiling the Islamic State,” an “Analysis Paper” wr. Charles Lister, for the Brookings Doha Center, pub. Nov. 2014.

Page 13B:  See above.

Page 14:  Rev. article, “Where Does ISIS Stand A Year After It Declared Its Caliphate?” in which Nick Robin-Early interviews Charles Lister, the author of the Brookings Analysis Paper (see page 13).

Page 15:  My impressions after reading the above.

Page 16:  Contents.

Page 17:  Rev. book:  The ISIS Apocalypse: The History, Strategy, and Doomsday Vision of the Islamic State, by William McCants

Page 18:  Expert analysis by Robert Pape, in Joshua Holland, “Here’s What a Man Who Studied Every Suicide Attack in the World Says About ISIS’ Motives,” The Nation, 3-22-16.

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