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What Is (Who Are) the Islamic State (15 of 16)

December 10, 2015

My Impressions

Wow, I’ve read more than 10 articles, so now I know more on this subject than I did before. So (never one to allow ignorance to stop me from thinking out loud), as part of my narration, here are my impressions.

  1. The “Middle East” is a madhouse, an insane asylum without much asylum. If I lived there (or at least in many places there), I’d get out just as quick as I could. Would I want to migrate to the U.S. at this point? Hmmm. That’s a tough one.
  2. The Sunni/Shia mutual destruction society is overwhelming—much like the Catholic/Protestant warfare for so many years after the Reformation. Tea Party, take a look at yourself, you’re a lot like them (thanks again, Neil).
  3. Then there’s Wahabbist Puritanism, to suppress and torture the body and soul.
  4. For the U S to step into the middle of that would be like wading into a snake and croc infested swamp, at night, except there isn’t enough water to go around. Way too much oil, not nearly enough water.
  5. On top of which you’ve got Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, in major competition, armed and jockeying for protection and hegemony, not to mention Afghanistan etc.
  6. And the Kurds.
  7. And if that’s not enough, you’ve got Israel.
  8. Then you’ve had a major foreign invasion that destabilized the place (I wonder who would do something so stupid as that, and why? Where’s the HuffPost series of 10 on Bush/Cheney?).
  9. And then popular revolt against ruthless tyrannies that further destabilized (e.g. Assad’s father killed 50K or so to put down a revolt).
  10. So then you get a push for a new ruthless tyranny in the form of a totalitarian state modeled on Saddam’s rule of Iraq. . .
  11. crossed with some religious fanatics (I think they would feel okay about my calling them that—“I would remind you that beheading in the defense of the prophet is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue”—something like that) with a prophetic apocalyptic vision that says they cannot lose; the end time is on their side (including a Wahabbist planet), and they have a responsibility to hasten its arrival, especially for Yazidis. . .
  12. and who also are happy with a totalitarian state, but a religious one, in which non-Muslim monotheists are second-class citizens, and anybody else is a slave.
  13. I haven’t heard a rationale for U S military presence there, except to control oil.
  14. But hey, American boots on the ground! Or. . .
  15. fuck the oil and let’s replace it with solar, wind, hydro, mass transit, better insulation, mushrooms, everything we can think of. As a bonus, we create a better place for our kids and grandkids and their kids and grandkids, including, they get to cohabitate with thousands of their fellow species who otherwise went extinct.
  16. I think Sen. Sanders is right in calling for Saudi Arabia et al. to put the boots on the ground, if that kind of military intervention is important, and I think that in general the current (12/15) Obama approach is on the right track (see recommendations referenced on page 13B).
  17. Don’t forget to breathe.  Naturally.  And btw, the brain can be functioning quite healthfully and happily without having thoughts such as these.  We should encourage it to have those moments.

That’s what I’ve taken away from this episode. No doubt I’ll have to continue thinking out loud about it.

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