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Go Lindsay! (Too Late)

December 9, 2015

A while back I was really really pissed with Senator Graham (R-SC) for what he said in connection with the murders at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC. And I still am. He’s often as wrong-headed as white SC tends to be. But today he’s due some credit , because yesterday he did an excellent job of calling out and putting down Trump (I know, I said I wouldn’t mention that abomination again until he had some delegates, but he’s one of the great masters of forcing attention to himself, like the worst tantrum you’ve ever experienced).

But hey, is it a coincidence that suddenly The Dick attacked T, and then very shortly thereafter, Graham—both definitely with a conservative media audience? Seems like nope. Both have strong conservative credentials. G’s attack via CNN was right on the money, so to speak, if Tea Party Repubs can be reached; and I think it appears to have been carefully written, memorized, and rehearsed.

T has riled up the base and put the R Party in the spotlight as one that stands for security and racism and opposition to Obama and everything else that the Rs want to appear to stand for—even free enterprise and wealth; but I’m guessing that now the Party Establishment has reached the point where they think T’s shit smells so awful that he’s more of a liability than an asset.  Maybe worst of all, they can feel themselves losing control.  So they’re targeting T with some big guns.

But Trump has made himself the psycho-logical image of everything that is Republican.  Can the Party stop its most avid (one might say rabid) voters from voting Republican by voting for Trump?  If T wins, aren’t they then the R Party, and hasn’t their insurrection succeeded, making America and themselves great again?

I like this analysis by Lauren fox at TPM about why that’s not likely to happen.  She mentions someone in a T crowd shouting “Send them [Muslims] all home,” and that reminded me of “Go back to Africa where you came from.”  T has room to go even more extreme.  He speaks Right from their hearts (where they know).

I’m thinking the only way the Republican Party can avoid Trump’s becoming the nominee of the Republican Party is for the Republican Party to become the opposite of what it is, so that Trump becomes the nominee of the Tea Party instead.  Not gonna happen.

And btw, the Tea Party is a Koch Bros (NLC) creation.  What are they thinking is in their best interests (which are their only interests)?  What if their creation nominates a Trump/Cruz ticket?  Would that hurt their interests (financial and ideological)?  Can they buy Rubio a place on that ticket?  Could they control the Republican Party after it loses the presidency next November?  A lot of down-ballot candidates, both winners and losers, would be Koch-financed.  Maybe save some hard-earned money; sit this one out.

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