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December 7, 2015

“[T]he G.O.P. has come to resemble a Soviet dictatorship — a vast majority of Republican politicians can’t publicly say what they know about the truth of climate change because they’re afraid the thought police [my bold] will knock on their door and drag them off to an AM radio interrogation.”

Those are the words of David Brooks, Republican columnist.

Turns out that when the Koch Bros (NLC) created the “Tea Party” movement, to capture the 2010 election, thus giving Republican state governments control of redistricting, and thus the ability to gerrymander a permanent minority party majority in Congress, it also created a powerful faction of Know-Nothing Republican voters, who will not allow Republican politicians to say and do what is best for America (unless they risk sacrificing their lucrative jobs).

And here’s more! Brooks (who writes for the NYTimes and thus probably isn’t read by the Know-Nothings), in his column on the subject of climate change, not only acknowledges that CC is real, and that something seriously must be done about it, he puts into the mouth of the conservative FF, Alexander Hamilton, the proposal that government play a major role in reducing American carbon use by switching to clean energy:

“Hamilton reminded me [Brooks] that he often used government money to stoke innovation. Manzi and Wehner suggest that one of our great national science labs could work on geoengineering problems to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Another could investigate cogeneration and small-scale energy reduction systems. We could increase funding on battery and smart-grid research. If we move to mainly solar power, we’ll need much more efficient national transmission methods. Maybe there’s a partial answer in increased vegetation.

“Hamilton pointed out that when America was just a bunch of scraggly colonies, he was already envisioning it as a great world power. He used government to incite, arouse, energize and stir up great enterprise. The global warming problem can be addressed, ineffectively, by global communiqués. Or, with the right government boost, it presents an opportunity to arouse and incite entrepreneurs, innovators and investors and foment a new technological revolution.”

Holy Alternative, Batman, is Brooks feeling the bern?!

The Think Progress article in which I ran across the Brooks is titled: “ExxonMobil Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ 7°F to 12°F Global Warming Without Government Action.”

Holy Divestiture!

That article also includes other informative links and ideas, including thoughts on the climate talks by Paul Krugman.

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