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What Is (Who Are) the Islamic State (12 of ?)

December 6, 2015

The next to last item that I’m reporting on, from the Huff Post list of 10, is “ISIS Is Likely Responsible for [perpetrated or inspired] Nearly 1,000 Civilian Deaths Outside Iraq and Syria,” by Karen Yourish, Derek Watkins and Tom Giratikanon (NYTimes, updated 11-17-15).

That’s now nearly 1,000 in 2015—and that’s civilians, and outside IS controlled territory.

Using visuals that are very clear, the authors identify the places, dates, targets, and numbers of deaths (1 – 224) in 59 major attacks, from 9-23-14 to 11-13-15, with descriptions of the kind of attack. We can add 14 murders, inspired by ISIS, on 12-2-15.

In addition to “inciting regional conflict with attacks in Iraq and Syria,” ISIS is “building relationships with jihadist groups that can carry out military operations across the Middle East and North Africa and is “inspiring, and sometimes helping, ISIS sympathizers. . .in the West. . . .” in order to “create chaos in the wider world,” expand its organization, and attempt to “incite a global apocalyptic war.” (Harleen Gambhir, analyst at the Institute for the Study of War) They have claimed ISIS provinces in “Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen,” and now apparently direct cells in cities. (Patrick M. Skinner, Soufan Group security consultancy)

{Page 1 of this episode; page 13}

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