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Psychopathological Democracy (1 of ?)

December 4, 2015

In this episode of the novel I’m sharing images of major psychopathologies of America democracy (e.g. classism & residual aristocracy, “gross materialism” & the rape of nature, fundamentalism & anti-intellectualism, libertarian individualism, racism, sexism & misogyny, propensity to violence).  I’ve taken these from the news, so they are nonfiction; but my retelling of the stories does require a bit of imagination.

Okay, this is just real quick, off the top of my head:  Can you select the right 20 individual Americans to put in your luxury jet, so that your traveling companions own as much wealth as the bottom other 50% of Americans (150,000,000+ persons)?

That’s a lot of psychopathological democracy in that jet.  Doesn’t much matter though, because there’s not much to vote about, except maybe where to go first.  Anyway, you can go anywhere you want.  Your only limitation is that you can’t occupy more than one space at the same time.

And it isn’t even the economy, stupid.  This is way beyond economy class.

“Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away….”  Oh, wait, I’m not in the plane.  Oh well, I’d just feel out of place.

[11-1-17 Btw, now you can economize by taking your smaller jet, because you only have to invite 3 people, Gates, Buffet, and Bezos.]

11-23-17 (Thanksgiving morn)  Headline:  “Trump replies ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!’ to tweet about his attacks on African Americans” (article).  Does Hair Trompf have the slightest idea that this risks making it appear that the President of the United States proposes ethnic cleansing?  And if he does have?

Since it’s Thanksgiving Day (hope y’re having a happy one), here’s something to be thankful for, in 2017, good journalists who are committed to democracy.  This column by Charles M Blow details how Trompf has made of himself an image of the convergence of all of the pathologies of our democracy.  And aren’t you thankful that the family pictured is not your family?  But you have to be worried for that kid in the background.



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