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Psychopathological Democracy (2 of ?)

December 4, 2015

You are thinking that maybe Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) would make a good President of the United States.   He’s definitely a man of faith. He gives the political establishment fits. Where can you get an up-close and personal look at him, hear him talk, maybe even get to look him in the eye and check the feel of his hand shake?

Within the past week there has been a mass shooting near a Planned Parenthood clinic, apparently by a man who is pro-life, and another mass shooting, by Muslims.

Of course! Luckily, you live in Iowa, so you’ll attend the event sponsored by CrossRoads Shooting Sports LLC today, where Cruz, “plans to unveil his ‘National 2nd Amendment Coalition.’ The event is to be held Friday at a 17,000-square-foot indoor shooting range in Johnston, Iowa, that defines its corporate purpose as, “to glorify God in all we do and to be a positive influence to all who come in contact with CrossRoads Shooting Sports LLC.” […]

“A spokeswoman for Cruz, defended the decision not to cancel or reschedule the event. ‘Even in the midst of horrific events like this, we should never rush to take away the basic liberties enshrined in our Constitution that are guaranteed to law-abiding American citizens.'”


[In this episode of the novel I’m sharing images of major psychopathologies of America democracy. I’ve taken these from the news, so they are nonfiction; but my retelling of the stories does require a bit of imagination.  (There will be a Contents page.)

Hey, how about the image where you are bird hunting with the Vice President of the United States and he shoots you in the face?  “My bad!”  That’s you talking.

This one’s somber:  It’s night in a neighborhood.  There’s a man carrying a gun, and there’s a hooded teen-aged boy.  One of them stalks and assaults the other.  Which one is you? ]

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