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Prayer Is Enough. . .

December 3, 2015

. . .in the face of an average of 1 mass shooting every day in 2015 in America. There is no need to take any action that will limit the availability of guns, even assault rifles, to anyone who wants one and has the money to buy one—according to people on the Right, for whom the gun is the weapon of choice.

Just think about it.

First: Everybody, from President Obama on down to me, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have responded to shooting after shooting after shooting by offering prayer and compassionate thoughts to the victims.

No one. No. one. . .has suggested that it is shameful to pray or to think compassionately. This blame game is about the fact that Republican candidates once again offered only “thoughts and prayers,” as they do every time, and will do every time, while Democrats publicly stated their desire for reasonable action to curtail the mass, indiscriminate, availability of guns.

Democrats have tried, in addition to thoughts and prayers, to take thoughtful legislative action that might, it is reasonable to suspect, actually prevent a mass shooting from taking place. It probably would save lives. Republicans, in stark contrast, have not only blocked every legislative attempt, but have refused to include the possibility of such action in their public responses to the shootings.

Today, in the Senate, Democrats offered 3 measures that would have “blocked individuals on terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns, expanded existing gun background checks, and increased funding for mental health services and treatment for substance abuse disorders.”

Republicans blocked all three attempts to take thoughtful action.

One trait that humans profoundly dislike, as early as childhood, is hypocrisy; and once again Republicans are being hypocritical by pretending that they deeply care, when they will not take the most obvious caring action.

Jesus taught this lesson about practicing what you preach; and contemporary Americans of all faiths have not only stated that the compassion that motivates prayer should also motivate acts, they have set the example of prayerful action.

As Democrats call out Republicans for refusing to try to actually do something, people on the extreme Right are trying to deflect their own refusal to take action, by blaming Democrats for calling them to task. With their usual penchant for propaganda, they have invented the lie that people are saying that it is shameful to pray. Their political ploi is to wrap Democratic statements in the PC-police package.  Rather than facing the possibility that it might actually be a shame to refuse to support action, they try to shame their opponents for mentioning it.

Personally I don’t believe in shaming people; shame simply drives the offended ego more deeply into resentment and repression. But I do think that the situation in America today is dis-graceful, and so is refusal to take action to bring gun ownership under reasonable control, because you think the absolute right of any person to buy a gun is sacred, and more important than trying to prevent mass murder.

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