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Women As Image / Images of Women (1 of ?)

December 1, 2015

This is about as big as it gets. I take it that by appearing at a campaign fundraiser called “Women for Hillary,” flanked by 13 women U S Senators who are thus declaring their support for her, Hillary Clinton is publically declaring that she is running as a woman candidate (among other qualifications), and is seeking the votes specifically of women.

I happen to be totally in favor of that; and if she is the Dem candidate, I hope women will come out to vote for her, and thus for themselves, by the millions. It’s about time. But within the point of view of this novel, the main point is that Hillary has established women as a major image in American politics and a major image of her campaign.

So: What is that image, women with power?  What is the story of it? Since sexism is a major psychopathology of American democracy, what are we going to find out about that, as Hillary’s campaign develops? Can America imagine that healthfully; or will our sick, sexist imagination overwhelm us?

For instance, can the people of the Islamic State imagine a woman Caliph? In Saddam’s secular leadership of Iraq, women were relatively enabled, e.g. to become doctors. Can the Sunni leaders of IS, behind the scenes, imagine including a Sunni woman within their group?

On April 12 and August 2 I was thinking out loud about the ugly sexist opposition to Hillary that we are in for if she becomes the Dem candidate. On future pages I’ll share some thinking about this immensely important image.

Hillary referred to the Senators as having “the combination of grit and grace.” Is that a beginning of her creation of the image, as she wants us to imagine it?

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