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Dream 11-27-15

November 29, 2015

This dream had been going on for quite some time, it seemed, when rather suddenly I found myself with my family, traveling somewhere, probably home from somewhere, in a car, on a straight but narrow [that sounds like an allusion] country road (early summer, early evening).   I was in the back seat, and I said that maybe we have taken the wrong road, because I don’t remember this. Whoever was driving stopped the car, and we sat looking around, trying to decide if we were lost.

Ahead of us I saw (and mentioned to everyone else) a very large tree with a widely split trunk. An adult cow was climbing the tree, by wedging itself in between the halves of the trunk and scooting upward. Then there came another cow, twice the size of the first, dappled brownish white and reddish brown, climbing all around the tree.

At that point I was beginning to wake up, and I thought, I’m lost all right, I’ve lost track of what in the world this dream was about.

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