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What Is (Who Are) the Islamic State (7 of ?)

November 25, 2015

Mona Mahmood, “Double-layered veils and despair … women describe life under Isis,” The Guardian. This article from the HuffPost list of 10 offers testimonies to the pervasiveness of ISIS control of women by use of a dress code, including methods of enforcing the dress code and the problems that they create for citizens trying to conduct their normal daily lives.

The article includes links re. the recently published, semi-official, IS manifesto on women (does that sound goofy, or what? . . .not funny though).

No need of a trigger warning, however, because this article is not about the brutal abuse of women by men of the caliphate. I’ll address that on another page, if I can keep from retching.

(Btw, in the part of the US where I live, lots of kids consider it to be part of normal social intelligence to be sensitive to the gender pronoun that another kid prefers.)

[Page 1 of this episode; Page 8]

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