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You Lie! Exhaustingly

November 23, 2015

I guess that’s the point. Wear us all down. Republican candidates, especially Trump, have been lying so often, so blatantly, and so disgustingly, that I can’t keep up. The result is that I’ve let a lot of their recent lies slide by. I’ve been addressing their remarkable lie about Syrian refugees posing a threat if admitted into the U S. But they go on and on.

Mexicans are without moral discipline; there’s a war on police, and it is preventing police from arresting criminals; the poor are poor because why work when you can live on handouts; fraud on the part of voters is wide-spread and the only way to prevent it is to prevent people from voting; money in politics is good for America, because it’s a form of freedom of speech; governmental regulation stifles individualism; taxation causes job loss; thousands of NJ Muslims cheered 9/11; . . .

It’s a disinformation, propaganda campaign, designed to energize their base and exhaust everyone else until we just want to sleep. We just want some peace. Give us a break. But they won’t. They don’t dare; they believe they will ride their lies to victory (hey, they’ve done it before), and they can’t stop themselves. Without their lies, they see only a void.

In their hearts they know it’s wrong. So they cast a great shadow over anyone who opposes them. It must be everyone else who is lying.

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