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“Trump Wall” Garnering Accolades

November 22, 2015

In a rare move, even before construction bids have been solicited, an excited American Government Contractors Guild has named Trump Wall the recipient of its opportunistic award: “Most Promising Project.” Contracts are expected to offer opportunities on a scale not seen since the Second Iraq War. Put those together with the potential for a Third Iraq War (to be fought mostly in Syria), especially if Sen. Cruz (R-TX) becomes vice president, and the AGCG sees the possibility of an enormous redistribution of wealth.

One thought is that under the pressure of war and the TPP, the Wall could be extended up the West Coast until it is longer than the Great Wall of China, thus trumping the Chinese.  (A potential problem would be the necessity of bringing in thousands of Chinese workers in order to hold down the cost of labor.)

Climbing aboard, the American Landscape Desiccation and Wildlife Disruption Coalition will give Trump Wall its “Outstanding Protection of Northern Humanity” award.

Meanwhile, the National Outer Space Aeronautics Alliance has picked the Trump Wall for its “Most Visionary Vision” award for envisioning a contemporary trumped up object that can be seen from so far away.

The AFfFFFA (American Foundation for Form Follows Functional Aesthetics) has given Trump its “Grandiose Proof Award” for the extraordinary formlessness of his dysfunction.  The citation notes Trump’s impressive sensitivity, for a man, to beautiful objects in addition to women.

And perhaps most important for Trump’s election fervor, the Freedom of Free White Free Americans Alliance will bestow on Trump its “Freedom from Foul Breath and Windy Day Pass,” at its annual awards banquet in Philadelphia (MS).

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