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Dreams 11-20-15

November 20, 2015

One dream featured the recurrent image of trying to make my way through city streets. In this dream there wasn’t any specific sense of destination, but I was trying to drive somewhere, through a uniformly grey cityscape, and needed to cut through various parking lots, and go out of my way to avoid one-way streets in the opposite direction to the one I needed.

In the second, I was watching the work in a small shop for assembling autos. They put the parts together, by hand, and painted them (not so much the complete car as the various parts). Some representatives of the auto company came in, to officially observe the operation. I was more like a resident of the neighborhood and vaguely a friend of the workmen. I watched, as problems emerged and were resolved. Sometimes I conversed with the workers. While some painting was being done, one of the workers lit a cigarette, although there was danger of fire. He smoked a bit and then laid his cigarette, still burning, on the floor, in a specific spot that he said was safe. We conversed briefly about that, in a way that was matter-of-fact, but questioning. There was a man on the other side of the shop who was smoking a cigar.

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