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Dream 11-19-15

November 19, 2015

I was a member of one team in an American-style football game. The play was very Raggedy-Andy by both sides, with a lot of sloppiness. The opposing team was clearly dominating, because its players were very big and strong, and their play was much more skilled than ours. We were rather weak, and definitely amateurish. Nevertheless, they made many more mistakes than we did, with the result that in the last minute of the game, when they looked sure to win, they gave up possession of the ball, near their own goal line, giving us an opportunity to win, simply by kicking the ball (punt-style) into the correct, rather large, area of a wall behind their goal line.

I was our teams kicking specialist, but I was not particularly good at it. Nevertheless, it seemed entirely likely that I (or just about anybody) could make that kick. I got the ball, and moved to step, drop, and kick; but it didn’t feel quite right, without something of a practiced swing. I did that, but I didn’t make contact with the ball well, and it simply traveled a few feet through the air, hit the ground, and bounced around. But that was okay, because it was just a practice swing. I got the ball back and kicked again.

As the clock wound down, it looked vaguely as though I had made a strong, line-drive kick and the ball thudded against the wall. It looked equally vaguely as though I had muffed the kick again.

[i have to wonder if there was a winner of this game.]

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