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Make Yrself at Home Here

November 18, 2015

Faite comme chez vous.

In these pages, lately I have been neglecting the good people of Larks! WA, who meanwhile have gone on setting their fine example of good-sense, nonhierarchical living.

Larks! is a sanctuary city, and is prepared to welcome the 10,000 refugees from Syria whom the administration plans to admit into the U S. Many of the current residents of Larks! have been refugees, themselves, some from violence and threat of death, some from ignorance and greed, so they are well aware of what it means to have to seek a home in a safe place where one can work hard to rebuild one’s life.

Furthermore, city governance already is organized to provide housing and services for all of its citizens. No resident of Larks! who wants to have a home is homeless, and seasonal transcients are provided with basic necessities of shelter and sustenance.

On other pages I’m explaining how that all works; but here I’ll simply mention that the key is the community spirit and public mindedness of the people. They know the contributions that are made by the kind of new citizens that refugees turn out to be; and one of those contributions is diversification, i.e. richness and invigoration, of a well-integrated, community culture.

The sense of private and public morality runs strong throughout the community, including the understanding of the wisdom of the moral principle that moral principles apply to all, equally, even to “the least of these” (in whatever way).

The community understands that because there are individuals and organizations that wish harm to others with whom they disagree, or whom they want to control, care must be taken to be aware of whatever threats might exist, but that the community’s worst weakness would be domination by fear.

People who have not lived in Larks! often ask how such a lifestyle can be maintained. The possibilty and form of a pragmatically anarchic (i.e. nonhierarchical) community are hard to imagine for Americans who have become accustomed to hierarchy; but keep in mind that the utmost practicality results from daily spiritual practice of an egalitarian community.

Citizens of Larks! do disagree with each other about public policy, and there is a lively political scene (later page); but politicians such as Sen. Cruz (R-TX)—and people such as his wife, who works for Goldman-Sachs, might not enjoy the community.

(And you gotta see this.  And hey!  Check this out:  an example of hierarchy at work on this issue, in the capitol city of the state where I lived most of my life; in fact Gov. Mike Pence was my Congressman for many years, I know him well, and I have no quarrel with the description.)

[Likely I’ll be adding to this page as the day goes by—lots to do.]

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