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Dreams 11-16 & 17-15

November 18, 2015


I was at home in my house by the river. Someone was going to come to do an evaluation, so I went outside to look at how the house was landscaped. It was elaborately and beautifully done, near the house and then out into a surrounding woods. I walked around the house several time, enjoying the beauty of it.


(1) I was at an art gallery with a woman whom I was in love with.   The walls were filled all around us with good paintings, mostly in an Old Masters or similar style. Many were high-priced. I had to go somewhere, for maybe a month or more. Then I returned and sat down at a large table in the middle of the gallery. The woman (seemingly having been there the whole time while I was gone) sat across from me. Many of the paintings had been taken down, and taken away by owners. One painting, still hanging, had been given to the woman. I was glad that she had been given the painting, and I told her, several times, that I loved her. She seemed to both believe me and be skeptical.

(2) My wife and I (both in our thirties) went shopping for underwear, tops and bottoms, at a Target store. We bought a good supply. I especially liked a set that I bought that was a soft cloth in a subtle red violet. Then we learned that the underwear company was giving a free set of underwear to people who had shopped at Target. We went for an interview, conducted by a woman from the company. The woman asked my wife about her shopping, but she somehow didn’t get to the point that she had shopped at Target. I realized that that information was strategically important, so I told the woman. I had my favorite set with me. The woman was pleased and gave us a free set. She then said that the sales people at Target also would cut any lose threads. She picked up one of our sets, which was red and had several long threads hanging out. She cut those threads for us, but had a bit of trouble doing so, apparently because her scissors were somewhat dull.


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