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Repub Debate #4 (I think)

November 11, 2015

or, God Save America.

I don’t usually suffer from claustrophobia, but while watching the four hours of debate last night I sometimes found it difficult to breathe. Was it the number of candidates, or number of repetitions of stale ideas, or number of clichés, or just the (almost total) lack of a sense humor? (Barbara Morrill at Daily Kos offers a recap of the policies and positions.)

Maybe it was the relentless telling of the current Republican story that features an image of an America that is so utterly destroyed by the hateful and corrupt Obama and Hillary that it would take a Superman or Superwoman, and God, to save it. What worries me is that rank and file (to use a cliché) Republicans actually believe this story, and see that image everywhere. If it has captured their imagination, they must be suffering some serious depression, along with claustrophobia.


Who is owned by Wall St and the Big Banks (Zach Carter at HuffPost).

What about Dems v. Repubs on job creation (Jonathan Cohn a HuffPost)?

Here’s the names of the Rep candidates who favor raising the minimum wage (while almost half of all American workers are paid less that $15/hour):

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