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C PC Police Zone

November 11, 2015

I stopped at a Starbucks this morning, expecting to get my day up and running with a bright, cheerful, red cup of hot java. But I couldn’t go in because a CPC police action was going on and they had put boycott tape across the door. The corporation was being warned that it can not use the traditional Christmas colors in a minimalist design that omits traditional Christian images such as the snowflake and the evergreen tree. (I haven’t seen a mention of mistletoe.)

I remember reading that the original fundamentalist Christians in America, the Puritans of the plantation at Massachusetts Bay, considered it blasphemous to celebrate Christmas at all. They read the Bible literally, by letter and number, as God’s law regarding how to live, and not to live, and they found no date of Christ’s birth in the Book of his Holy Word. (The place is named however, and its location, during that era, suggests that probably he was not Muslim.)

I’m old enough to remember when the Ur Cup of the Starbucks start-up, which I bought at the Ur Shop in Pike Place Market, on the shore of Elliot Bay, featured the nude mermaid with her long wet hair, and breasts with nipples. I don’t remember noticing, actually, until the CPCP informed the corporation that nipples must not be gravenly imaged in public. They must be kept to the imagination.

I still have one of those early cups; but I keep it hidden away, in the dark of the top shelf of a closet, where no child will find it and accidentally shoot somebody with it.

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