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God’s Ticket: Cruz/Carson (2 of 2)

November 10, 2015

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To my mind, the Carson image, although religious, doesn’t seem unusually threatening, because it doesn’t really seem to be a play for power. He seems more interested in fame and wealth. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t previously run for office. To me Carson seems more of an innocent; I believe him when he says he wants to do no harm. He seems to be an amateur, following where he believes God is taking him, figuring that he might or might not become president, but if he does, then with God’s help and his native intelligence, he’ll fix it.

Cruz, on the other hand, is a professional in politics, and is profoundly interested in power. His father is a professional in religion, with the same interest in heart. Here’s an article that tells what that means. It’s a long article, but well worth the read to the dreadful end.

To me, therefore, Cruz seems threatening, to the extreme. I find what he and his father and their followers and allies to be scary in itself, and I find it scary that people imagine life that way, and that such people can get themselves elected to powerful positions in government.

Here’s an example of Pastor Cruz campaigning for his son in Iowa.

For now, at least, I’ll let the article and the speech present the important images and story.

To my mind this looks like Old Testament Christianity (and I’ve noticed that Carson quotes Proverbs and other OT books). By that I mean that they see themselves, and like-minded true believers everywhere as being God’s chosen people, as described in the OT. Today, they, not the Jews, are the true Israelites. And I agree that they are deeply anti-Semitic.

These are folks who read the Bible literally; they take God at his Word, and I think I can take them at their words. Their plan is to infiltrate every area of society, and thereby control society, in order to redistribute wealth to God’s chosen. They don’t say “infiltrate,” they say that “we need good people in.” When they project their aggressive ego onto their opponents, liberals and progressives, they say that those evil people are following the Marxist-Leninist-Saul (also a king) Alinsky-Communist plan to infiltrate atheists into government in order to take over the world from within.

These are people out beyond what is conventionally known as a zealot.

When we get out to the extremes of thought and other behaviors, we find clarification by elimination; it’s a distortion, of course, and so we find purified, intensified irrationality and clear images of psychopathology; if the imagination is sick to begin with, as is generally the case, out there we find it very ill.

Who will vote for the son? Who will vote for the anointed king? As others have surmised, voters who think that they have found what they need in Carson might well vote for Cruz if Carson folds. Cruz doesn’t have the black identity to assuage their oppressive sense of guilt and depravation, but he has demonstrated his allegiance to God and the Conservative Way, in the Senate. He has demonstrated that he will speak truth (if you take what he says to be truth) to power, and will go even further in opposing his Party’s conventional leadership.

When it becomes more widely known that Cruz is an anointed king, how will voters respond? After all, he is going about his father’s work.

Breathe deeply (I know I am) and stay tuned (I know I am).

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