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Diary 11-4-15

November 4, 2015

Dear Diary – What’s in a name? A nice thing happened at the doctor’s office this morning. A first for me. People have often had a bit of trouble spelling my name (seems easy enuf to me), but it has never seemed particularly strange to them. They’ve hear and seen it before (in various spellings). It’s origin is a little area on at the frontier of Holland and Germany, which has changed countries many times over the years.

This morning I had my biennial appointment with my cardiologist (I’m doing great), and I went first to the lab for a blood draw to check my cholesterol #s. The guy with the needle had trouble pronounced my name, and asked for help. He then remarked, “That’s an interesting name.” I didn’t give it much thought, unfortunately, so I didn’t look closely at his name tag. From his appearance and accent it was obvious that he grew up somewhere in Asia. It’s not unusual to see people from Asia.

Then I went to check in with cardiology. The clerk had trouble spelling my name. After looking at my insurance card, she said, “That’s an interesting name.” I told her about the coincidence with the lab, and she said, “You don’t see that name very often.” Her name was Morales.

What a great thing! I live in a part of the world where I have so many fellow citizens from everywhere that many of them rarely see a name from Northern Europe!

Btw, the doc is mainly interested in the “bad” cholesterol #. He wants it below 100. Last time it was 89—not awful, but not so hot. Today it was 75! He was very happy. So I told him about my 3-wk “cleansing” diet and the modifications that I’ve made since then. I’ve also been getting a decent amount of daily exercise, but surely the diet deserves a lot of credit.

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