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Dreams 11-3-15

November 3, 2015

This was a long, episodic dream, of which I only remember bits: I was at a friend’s house, with people in the front yard, and when I looked for the bathroom I couldn’t find one in that house; there was a room that had been a bathroom, but it was in disrepair and no longer had fixtures; I was with some people on the roof of a 3-story commercial building, with people doing something in the parking lot below; a guy did something very good and was praised and celebrated for it; I was driving home, through countryside and then city, when I realized that the gas gauge read empty; I saw a filling station a couple blocks away, but to get to it I had to turn off my usual route, right and then left on a major street; but when I got to the major street it was one-way in the wrong direction; so I decided to back up, to the corner where I had turned right, and continue up past the station and thus be able to get back to it; but as I neared the corner I had angled a bit too much to the left and I backed partly into some shrubbery. I started to pull forward to make the correction. I woke up.

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