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Dysfunction Dysjunction 2 of 2

November 1, 2015

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Look (as Bernie would say), with even a cursory knowledge of history, or just American history, we can see that there are times when a political party becomes so pathological that it damage itself and its country. The Dems were that way at the time of the Civil War, and the Repubs in the late 1920s. They just didn’t get it. They were incapable of governing for the good of the People.

I think that today is one of those extraordinary times, and the Republicans are taking another turn at it.

For instance, beginning with the election of Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have made political hay (to use a metaphor out of history) by sowing and cultivating classism, sexism, and racism. Historically those are the Great Dividers of American society.

While trying to use the potency of those Dividers in the service of self-interest, billionaires are financing their own choices for President; other billionaires and multimillionaires allied with the Party Establishment are contending with the billionaire Koch Bros (NLC) and Their Ilk, for ownership of the Party; billionaire Trump can finance his own show and is going his own way; billionaire Murdock’s Fox Propaganda Network is vying for control of the conservative tv viewers, Senator Paul is trying to keep control of a Libertarian faction; Rev. Huckabee is trying to maintain the influence of the Fundamentalist Christian faction; the Tea Partying faction is vying for control of themselves; and the worms are coming out of the woodwork. With the level of competition so low, everybody sees a chance to score.

We really can’t be surprised if the Republicans go out to harvest divisiveness, and up crops chaos. Divisiveness is a hard weed to chew. And if you try to smoke chaos, it smokes you.

Personally, I’ll be surprised if the Republican Party can hold itself together, much longer, as an effective force in national politics. I’m guessing that its best bet, for doing so, will be to sell itself to the Libertarian Koch Bros; but they’re getting old, and the fossils that fuel their industrial empire will decline in value. Charles wants a second coming of Calvin Coolidge (1923-29) or William Gladstone (Brit, 1868-94). Maybe a “white knight” will come riding in, he says (in business-speak), to save America; but he doesn’t sound optimistic. He’s frustrated with the Republicans too. He must be wondering if the Party is even worth buying (but it might be, if brother David, the politician in the family, controls it).

I’m thinking that one source of the frustration being felt by many Republicans is their realization that this process is a futile exercise in frivolity, because no Republican will be able to win the presidency in 2016 (sans something extraordinarily unpredictable). The party is wasting resources on an activity that makes it look inept.

To make matters worse, it is difficult to think of someone, anyone, who could do an impressive job of being the national leader of the Party, after the election. Romney, by default?

Or maybe they’ll abandon DC (except for lobbying) and focus on controlling states.

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