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You Lie! About Bernie

October 30, 2015

Of course you do..  And it won’t be the last time.  I’m late on getting to this one, but it’s big, and it’s psychopathological.

I had forgotten that there might still be a “Red scare” card, a “pinko” card, in the Republican deck; but maybe that’s the game they’re going to play, and apparently they still think it will trump reason, knowledge, world-changing events, the fall of an empire, and the passage of time.  Trump played the “commie” card against a democratic socialist.

The only voters who remember what a “commie” is, not to mention its being a threat, are mostly white men of my own advanced age (who look at Bernie and maybe think they are looking into the mirror—he sure looks like one of us).  Many of them have always voted R, anyway, because they voted for the first time in 1952, for Ike, the Supreme Allied War Hero who now promised to end the Korean War, to “bring our boys home.”

Full disclosure:  I liked Ike then too, but couldn’t vote until 1960, when I cast my first vote for a Democrat; and I’ve voted Democratic in every election since.

What worries me most about this lie by Trump is that he probably has it in him to channel Senator Joe “Have you no decency?” McCarthy.

But people all over the world outside America know what “democratic socialism” actually means, and they often elect democratic socialists to major offices in their local and national governments.  Maybe, maybe, Trump doesn’t know what the term means; but I’ll bet he knows that Bernie is not a communist.

And btw, Trump is not a populist.  He’s a very wealthy businessman, a Big Media entertainer, and a demagogue.

But I must say, the current Republicans make me “like Ike” again; they make him look even more boring and even more sane.  It was hard for him to be a fanatic, like so many of today’s Rs, when he had ordered hundreds of thousands of soldiers to injury and death, in a war to save democracy from fanatics and demagogic liars.

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