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Water, water…?

October 30, 2015

What with drought, wildfires, and water rationing in the Bay Area, the SF Chronicle is listing the Big Time private water users in the Bay Area.  For instance, Billy Beane, a VP of the Oakland A’s, “famous for his statistical money-saving approach to assembling a baseball team…for whom the phrase “Moneybag” was invented.  Ranked #3 on a preliminary list of users, Beane “has been slopping nearly 6,000 gallons of water a day on the grounds of his Danville estate and his swimming pool….The average residential customer [in the East Bay Municipal Utility District] uses about 250 gallons a day per household.”

“The top two water users…were former Chevron Vice Chairman George Kirkland of Danville [12,578 gals/day]…venture capitalist Mark Pine of Alamo [8,090].”  #10 on the list uses a modest, and rather embarrassingly mere 4,363.

In the New World of Global Warming, I’m not sure that we can afford the luxury of individuals who use so much more than their fair share of our resources.  Might have to rein them in.

But here’s a problem.  What if the rest of the world sees America the way I see Billy Beane–as a luxury that Earth can no longer afford?  Hey, we’re a part of Earth, and maybe we can’t afford ourselves either.

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