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Republican “Debate” #3

October 30, 2015

I was stoned watching the debate last night, in solidarity with the people of Colorado–incl some in the audience?  Some standing on stage?  Some asking Qs?  Maybe that’s why I didn’t pick up on much imagery that helps identify and understand the general Republican Party imagination.  There was plenty of mendacity, especially by Christie, who seemed to think that his misrepresentations of life are the only way he can capture the imaginations of Republican primary voters.

The attempted image of a grand debate should at least have included the High Rockies as backdrop.

Someone said he was wearing a “Trump tie” and he wasn’t Trump.  That’s an image familiar from the previous debate:  Big Business of The Deal.

But even stoned I couldn’t help but hear the main story line.  It went like this:

America is struggling (through the Obama administration) and in danger (of a Hillary attack); but the solution is simple, because all our little problems are caused by One common Big Problem:  Big Government.  And the worst thing about Big Government is Big Taxes.  Elect me and I will Cut Government. I will Cut Taxes. I will Cut Taxes. I will Cut Taxes even More. I will Cut Government More. I will Cut Government and Cut Taxes. Flat Rate. Cut. Cut. Cut. Government. Cut. Cut Taxes Taxes Taxes. Cut Media. Cut. Here a Cut. There a Cut. Everywhere a Cut Cut. Cut Cut. Never saw a Cut I didn’t like. I Don’t want to even See Government. I Don’t Hear it. I’d rather never ever even Say…. Cut.

“Cut” seemed to be the image. Cut truth. Let’s all fantasize together with no regard for truth.

Such imagining belittles the soul.

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