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Diary 10-14-15

October 14, 2015

Dear Diary – Three things:

This afternoon I popped into the store and bought a big chocolat bar, 90% cocoa, my first chocolate in a month since h and I began dieting. I quickly re-introduced most of it, and that should give me a good idea of what happens to me if I eat chocolate.  The 90% stuff is yummy, not too much sugar, like eating the rich, dark, 8-10 inch, untouched top soil where I grew up. More caffein, though.

Watched the Dem debate last night. SO different from the Republicans. Concerned about very different things. For instance, I’m very much aware that if I want chocolate, I pop over to the store and buy me some; but tens of millions of my neighbors can’t afford to do that. H told me this morning about a co-worker who has been working 40 hours/week, minimum wage. She factually cannot both pay her rent (for a very small apartment) and provide enough food for herself. The Dems are very concerned about her. Repubs, not so much.

Last, in the morning I’m flying down to the Bay Area for two weeks with friends—another thing that I can do. Not sure how often I’ll be able to keep in touch, but will try.

[Update: the choco gave me a belly ache, until I ate some soup for supper. I suppose I overdid it.]

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