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Dreams 10-10-15

October 11, 2015

I was in my study, in the basement, which had typical basement windows, and glancing out one of them I noticed that there was a big pig walking by. It went around the corner of the house, and when it came to the other basement/study window it nudged it with its nose. It had not been latched well, and it came open. The pig came in through that window and walked around on the tops of bookcases, then stepped down onto the desk and then to the floor. I thought that maybe the thing to do would be to get a knife and cut it up; but then I realized that blood would get all over my books and things. Plus, pigs are smart, so it wouldn’t simply cooperate with that. So I coaxed it out of the study and into the garage, which was on the same floor because the house [like my current house] was build into the side of a hill, and then back outside through the garage door.

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