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Diary 10-11-15

October 11, 2015

Dear Diary – Well, we did it! Both H and I; and frankly, having come this far, neither of us wants to go back, certainly not all the way back, except maybe the occasional visit with friends. We have completed 3 weeks of our cleansing diet, and we’re feeling cleansed.

What’s that like? you ask. You probably remember that even at 2 weeks we liked what was happening.  We feel lighter on our feet, except H is tired from working. This evening she mentioned especially feeling calmer, with better digestion and higher energy level. My digestion and stomach in general are better, and I’ve reduced my paunch by a belt notch or two—probably look more trim.   For maybe a year I’ve had a flair-up of itching (and dermagraphia), roughly once in 3-4 weeks to the point of requiring Claritin, surely allergy-related; I’ve blamed it on the plants around here, but I haven’t had that since I started this diet. Also my skin is clearer. And i’m sleeping well.  In general I just feel as though my body is clearer, throughout, in its functioning.  Less getting in its way.

On some mornings I craved coffee, and from time to time chocolate, and sugar; but they’ve been only light cravings.

On the last two morns, H has re-introduced morning coffee, but she’s finding that it causes her to feel anxious, thinking negative thoughts.

For me, an occasional visit with friends begins this Thursday, with two weeks in the Bay Area. I’m likely to avoid dairy, and coffee except when we stop on our way somewhere, and then I’ll try a decaf mocha with almond milk—we’ll see how that goes. I’ll also add red wine, but only in small amounts. I’m worried about re-introducing the deadly nightshades, but I’ll have to do some of that, especially when we go out for Italian, and grains, but I can avoid wheat to a great extent.

I’ll report, as I go along.

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