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Dreams 10-9-15

October 9, 2015

[Seemed like I slept heavily and deeply last night, with lots of interesting dreams; I woke directly out of deep sleep this morning, and I only remember one image:]

I was watching from an upstairs bedroom window when our pets—lots of them—went out into the backyard, bordered by woods, to exercise. Our large brown bear, which we didn’t really want to have, got out of his cage and went out too. He tended to stand upright on his hind feet a lot, towering over the other animals.  Since he was wild, I was worrying about whether he might attack the other animals, when suddenly he grabbed a squirrel and bit into it. Or was it one of our cats? We would have to do something about this. Later I thought that there was a good bit of innuendo on the part of the dream-maker.

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