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Dreams 10-8-15

October 8, 2015


I was living comfortably with a couple of members of my family in a large house, but the roof desperately needed repair—as in, large holes, visible sky. Repair the roof, or move?


A partner and I were officials whose job was to impound cars whose owners had not paid the required fee. We went to a house where the garage door was open and the front end of the car was sticking partway out. This 3-4 foot front part was the chopped off front of a huge car from the ‘60s, with lots of chrome. It had a speaker system, instead of a horn, and let people know it was approaching by blaring music, which it was now doing. Welded to that front was the body of a ‘20s convertible roadster, without its top. The overall impression was of something like a boat with a chromium snowplow attached to it. It was owned by a woman and her husband, who had built it. She came out to talk with us, and did a good job of cooperating while mostly foot-dragging.


I was a member of an academic committee charged with reforming the curriculum. At the end of the meeting, a member of the office staff brought in a dessert of high-quality ice cream. A senior colleague and I remarked to a young colleague how nice it was that in institutions and companies, when people do a difficult job well, somebody thinks to treat them to a special dessert instead of just the usual snack.

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