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Dreams 10-4-15

October 4, 2015

Three from this morning 


I found a message on the telephone voice recorder. It was from an old friend (and mother of my second wife), whom I had not been in contact with for so long that I was sure that by now she had died. She was trying to get in touch with me, and I was glad to hear her voice. I would call her back.


There was a pitcher who was famous for his breaking balls; and, remarkably, it seemed as though his career could go on and on without injuring his wrist—but he did take very good care of his wrist.


Earlier in the dream [or maybe a preceding dream] I was in my car getting away from something difficult [that I’ve forgotten]; and now I was still in my car, on a country road. I crossed a railroad track and came to a local highway. No cars were coming and I turned left onto it, but my car didn’t accelerate as usual, and I began to fear that a car would come up fast behind me, so I floored the pedal; but still I wasn’t accelerating as normal, and I saw a car approaching me, rapidly, from the front, in my lane.

When we got near the oncoming car slowed and I saw that actually it was a small fishing boat, with a man in it. When we were about a hundred yards apart I could see that the road was covered with water. When I reached the edge of the water we both stopped our vehicles, and he climbed out of his boat and waded off to my right. I got out of my car and waded over to his boat and then waded off to my left. There were several small row boats floating nearby (one more like a canoe but with a flat stern). All of the boats were made of white plastic. I thought about getting into one of these boats [I almost typed “of these votes”], but decided instead to go on wading. The water was only a foot or so deep.

Soon I came to the side of a gravel road, where the trees and bushes grew right up to the roadside. It was autumn, and many of the leaves had fallen. I had come to my usual work space. All of my computer equipment was there, on shelves built between bushes and tree trunks, and my sound equipment—amplifier, tape deck, turntable. And all of my fishing gear was there too, with my cane poles, fly rod, etc, standing against a tall tree near the road, with my net, bait bucket, and such. They were all visible from the road, and I thought, this time I’ll take them home with me or somebody else will take them.

I turned on my computer equipment and looked at the screen to start work, and woke up.

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