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dream 9-29-15

September 29, 2015

It seems as though last night’s dream (actually this morn at about 5) was a long “murder mystery” or “roman policier” of which, as I was waking up, I forgot a lot of the details. “I” was not a character in the dream. It started with a violent confrontation between some unsavory men, and an unsavory man and woman, on the highway and then beside a river. Beneath some bushes the man was pushed into the river, and he drowned. The police, specifically the main character, a detective, and his father-in-law, also a detective, knew that a murder had taken place, but they didn’t know who had been killed, or how. There was no sense of a “why?” in the dream.

During the middle of the dream, which I’ve forgotten, a lot of detective work went on, but with little result. Then the main character became ill and bed-ridden, but he continued to work on the mystery, telling his father-in-law each new idea that came to him, to check out. Slowly but surely they figured out who had been killed, where, and how.

The key detail seemed to be those bushes. When it occurred to the main character to have his father-in-law look under the bushes, they were able to figure out what had happened.

[I wonder what that could possibly mean.]

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