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You Lie! and Double Down Lie!!

September 23, 2015

Wow. “This is about the character of” Carly Fiorina, perfect candidate for Republican attack-dog V-P (in the mold of Nixon, Agnew….)

The thing that I find remarkably repulsive (and frankly worrisome, for her state of mind/soul) is that she seems to have no sensitivity, whatever, to the pain that she inflicts, by her words (including her tone of voice) and visual images, on persons who relate to the content directly and personally—and I can speak to that directly and personally.

Here’s the link to the Daily Kos report. It includes a link to the Fiorina ad, but (trigger warning): the image is very disturbing, and even more so when you know that you’re seeing a stillborn child (not an aborted fetus), and Fiorina did not have permission to use it.

When will the lying stop?

I mean, i’ve watched 55 years of American politics.  This is just wrong.

And I’m becoming saddened.

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