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Dream 9-23-15

September 23, 2015

I’m looking for a nice site on which to build a house, and I find one on a hill with a view across a shallow valley to the opposite ridge [much like the view from my current home]. I buy the lot (actually the whole hill), and then I find that the other three sides around it are a sprawling truck stop and parking lot, just off the interstate. In order to build the house I first have to get the hill removed [don’t ask], and so then there I am standing in the middle of a vacant lot in the middle of a truck stop parking lot.

I meet the owner of the truck stop, and he’s a mean, strong-arm type, who doesn’t want a house in the middle of his parking lot. He’ll do whatever it takes to prevent me from building. His truck stop is a run-down, sleazy operation that rips off truck drivers.

I explore and research the city, to learn who are the powerful men in various areas such as business law, labor unions, the construction business, city government, and various under-the-table activities. They are all likeable enough. I introduce myself and persuade them all to become investors in my new organization, Trucker Services Corporation (TSC Industries). We’ll build truck stops that are designed to provide excellent services and facilities for truck drivers (and the general public of the highway). We’ll build our first stop on my lot.

We gather on my lot for a groundbreaking picnic. I bring a shovel and a lot of champagne. When we start to dig, the strong-arm owner comes out, to make us go away. He’s very surprised when he finds out who we are.

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