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Dream 9-22-15

September 22, 2015

I was a college teacher and on that morning when I arrived at my office, which I shared with two colleagues, there were a lot of students sitting on my colleagues’ beds, but my bed wasn’t there. There seemed to be a fair amount of confusion in the room in general, with students getting up and milling around, or standing on the beds. Someone assured me that my bed would be returned.

So I went on to class, Contemporary American Poetry. The students waiting in the classroom seemed almost eager to begin. But then the anthology (probably the most recent edition of Poulin) didn’t include the poets whose work I was going to teach.

A young woman among the students was quite upset, because of one of the poets that we were going to study. She absolutely did not want to read his poems. After class, outside the classroom, we sat to discuss the situation. I asked her who the poet was, who upset her so much. She replied, “Knox.” I explained to her that she would be fine because I had not intended to teach Knox, and that, in fact, I had never heard of him.

[Btw, a moment ago I read that C. K. Williams has died. Sorry to hear that.]

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