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I’ve Known Attack Dogs

September 18, 2015

I’ve known Nixon, Agnew, GHWBush, Quayle, Cheney.* Their souls have grown dark with their attack dogs (paraphrasing Langston, of course). In the Republican scheme, the vice-presidential candidate viciously attacks the Dems, while the presidential candidate appears to be pure and “above the fray.” A main bite is The Lie, and it doesn’t matter how blatant or vicious the lie is. The point is to bloody and soil the opponent.

I mention this because I’m thinking Fiorina appears to be well-suited for the role, and comfortable in it. If Trump becomes the nominee, it will be fun to see T and F, like Reagan and GHW, reconcile and form a righteous Team Republican. As of today, that still seems a possibility, because T and F could powerfully motivate the fearful and the hate-filled to get out and vote, and I think that they could reach a rapprochement with the Koch Bros (NLC) and Their Ilk, giving KB ownership of the Party.

On the other hand, T might not need an A. D., and might even feel uncomfortable with a v-p candidate who took away a lot of the attention. He’d be too tempted to attack his own dog.

Cynical much?

*Ford and Rockefeller were not cut out for this role, but F would pardon a crook and major threat to democracy.

Cheney’s role was greatly expanded, in a European-style arrangement by which the President serves as Head of State and the Vice-President heads the government.

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