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You Lie! – About Migration

September 14, 2015

Trump’s lie about the character of Mexican immigrants and the danger they pose to white American women and white ownership of America was so blatant, retching and gut-wrenching, that I almost failed to record it in the narrative. It’s as if such extremes of psychopathological action can obliterate awareness of the psychopathology.

Not the first time that such a thing has happened. It’s one of the Great Cons by which the soul tortures itself in the face of its dark potential. We must feel bad for it; and thus we hate the sin, not the sinner. So the soul redeems and soothes itself with its potential for light.

The above title refers to “migration” instead of “immigration” because I want to present a danger of the Trump/Republican con that is much larger than the immediate pseudo-problem of the migration out of Mexico and Latin American countries, in search of safety and other necessities:

Migration out of worn-torn Syria and North Africa.

Migration out of starvation caused by global warming.

Odds are, we are going to see a flow of humans seeking refuge, across the face of the planet, such as never was seen before. To cope with that, we’re going to need some serious soul-searching, truth-seeking, and healthy imagining.

Fear and narcissism are not going to cut it.

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