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Dreams 9-14-15

September 14, 2015

Two while in Italy:

9/5 I was standing outside my door [this image was as if I could see myself], and a man (about 40 yrs old, with shaved head [my hair is long]) started chopping at the bottom of the door, with an odd-shaped flat piece of metal or plastic attached to a short pole. I said, “Hey, you have no right to be hacking away at my door like that.” [I have developed a “hacking” cough lately.] He stood his ground, glaring at me, and I glared back. It was obvious that he was not going to leave, so I got out my cell phone and called the police.

9/7 I was among a lot of people leaving the area because something very bad was going to happen. There was a male cardinal that I wanted to save, by taking him along. Then his mate appeared with him. I wanted to transport them in something that would allow them to fly out if they wanted to, so ;that it would be clear to them that they were safe but free. I thought of using a bird cage with the door open. But then I thought that that would make them feel ]trapped. So I used a cardboard box, cube shaped, approx. 15x15x15, with the top cut off. Half way up the opposite sides I poked holes and inserted a stick, so that they could either stand on the bottom or perch near the top. As the dream ended we were riding in a conveyance with people around us, and the cardinals sat contented in the bottom of the box.

[Birds are a totemic image for me, along with dogs and snakes. I’ve been a bird watcher all my life, with memories especially of watching them at the birdfeeder in the winter. During my boyhood, the bright red (to me “fiercely” red) male cardinals were especially important (although I thought that the females was more beautiful, with their nuanced colors). For instance, I often imitated the males’ whistle and fantasized that I could communicate with them, and I used that whistle to call the cocker spaniel that was my closest companion from ages 8 – 11, ultimately whistling to her, to have her safely at my side, out of high weeds into the path of a speeding car.

To the best of my memory, that was my first experience of love-death/loss-grief, although I think it was not my first experience of love-loss/death-grief.

I think this suggests how, in raw experience as well as in memories, dreams, and reflections, Big Imagination fuses facts (as it does e.g. the 4 elements) into an exponentially powerful awareness of life. ]

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