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Author’s Note

September 14, 2015

I’ve read the narrator’s highlights of our trip.  I’m glad he had a good time. My family seemed to like him, and certainly they were very patient with him. He has his idiosyncracies.

His enjoyment of the light reminded me of two of my best experiences from past trips:

We had thought that on this trip we would go to Eze, where my daughter W and grandson N and I had enjoyed a wonderful lunch (at a restaurant overlooking the sea, of course), in 2007, during N’s 7th-8th grade class trip. Some of the best snails ever! Later I walked to the cliff side, in warm sunshine, at the moment of passage from bonjour into bonsoir, and stood within pure mediterranean blue—with, almost too picturesque, one white sail, far out and only slightly below. As in a dream, en bleu, je peint de bleu. As in a song. (I think I’d be inclined to return to earth, but how tempting.)

Some of the most remarkable light, and clearest air, that I’ve seen was when we were vacationing on the rock coast of Maine in August 1976, the sun rising directly out of the cold Atlantic water (quite something for a family of Hoosiers), throwing all the morning shadows behind us, except for those of a small, dark, firry island, a little way out to our right. There was a house on that island, and in the night its light echoed the moon.

I had recently written my dissertation on the poetry of E. A. Robinson, and now I understood how the light had come to be such a presence in his imagination.

Btw, on our way back to IN we drove down the coast to visit grad school friends in Mystic CT and then to Waterford VA (a national heritage town—the whole town, for it’s architecture) to visit A. E. Claeysens, to whom this novel is dedicated. Claey and I had both wanted to be in Independence Square on July 4; and that’s where we’d been, in spirit.

But now, back to work. The narrator has promised many pages, yet to be imagined. Meanwhile the pressure of quotidian upon plot. Onward!

(I must say, it is interesting to be writing a novel with so many villains.)

(And I say again: Keep in mind: Blog is a novel. Let’s not anybody get confused and think that it is something else.)

Thanks for reading. – TK

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