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Narrative Break 8/30 – 9/12

August 29, 2015

Dear Reader – The author and some of his family and friends are getting away to Italy and France tomorrow, to live the carefree, computer-free life, and he says he’ll take me along. I don’t know if I can live without a computer, but I’m going to try to stop thinking, keep my mouth shut, and just have fun.

When I return to narration, refreshed with silencio, I’ll try to complete the groundwork for the plot, as we approach 1-yr-out from the election of 2016. For instance, I’ll do more loud thinking about the nature of “psychopathology,” soul and mindfulness, the importance of imagination, the aesthetics of archetypes (eg image, story, dream, memory) and the aesthetics of this novel, Fascism (American Style), health, and anarchy. I’m way behind.

Then we’ll be ready for current events as the plot unfolds.

(I’ll miss Dick’s speech on Iran and nuclear weapons. Darn.)

Until 9/13, wishing you the very best in psychopathology,

Your Narrator

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