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Towards Effective Policing

August 22, 2015

that we need and deserve, and would appreciate and honor:

BLM has published its policy for solutions.

And here’s the “Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policy” (as opposed to Tombstone AZ 1881).

And I have a thought (of course I do):  Sometimes Old Maker gets distracted (maybe by an atrocity, or an amazing recovery, or the shooting of a lion or an elephant), and installs some guy’s (rarely a woman’s) intestines in his head, and then the brain gets tucked away, between his legs.  That happens.  Well, we’d get better policing if local departments didn’t recruit those shit-for-brains dickheads.

Maybe i’m bitter.  Ya think?

Update 8-23  A related analysis and set of suggestions.

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