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Dream 8-20-15

August 21, 2015

I owned a very nice, wooded property on a river. It was gently rolling, with large and small trees, and small streams flowing through it to the river. I had thought to build a house on it, but for some reason I put it up for sale. A couple came to look at it, we negotiated a bit, and they bought it. About six months later I regretted having sold that land; and since the buyers had not yet put a house on it, I asked them if they might be interested in selling it back to me. They were.  Of course property values had gone up and I would have to pay them more than they had paid me. I was willing to do so, even though I would have “lost” some money on the land.

I contacted my realtor to negotiate the final price and sale; but it was her opinion that I should not have to pay as high a price as the people were asking. She worked with them to reach a “middle ground” in which they would gain some income, but I would not have to pay such a high price for my mistake.

[In waking life, I’ve been thinking about Jeff’s Amazon and that river, and I’ve owned and sold two houses on a river. When I woke up this morning, still lying in bed, I began drafting (imagining) the episode “Amazon Congo Mississippi.”]

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