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Listening to Hillary

August 19, 2015

I’m listening to Hillary, but I’ve been taking her more slowly than Bernie, as she has been building her campaign slowly and carefully (as it seems to me). She has plenty of time, and she knows how important timing is. But sometimes events push the agenda, and I think she has been responding very impressively.

Here’s video (from TPM) of her meeting, yesterday, with representatives of BLM.  I’m encouraged by everything about that.

In July (as reported in Daily Kos), and about Sandra Bland (I’ve lost the citation, sorry):

“My heart breaks at seeing another young African American life lost too soon,” Clinton said in a statement reported by CNN on Wednesday….“Sandra Bland had a bright future ahead of her and it is particularly tragic that she lost her life just as she was to start her new career,…From what I’ve seen, the circumstances of this case are incredibly disturbing. I hope and expect that there will be a full investigation into this situation….“It is also a tragic reminder of the ongoing systemic issues of race and justice in America that we must address with urgency, and we have to do more than talk — we have to take action.”

I was also very happy, yesterday, when she expressed opposition to drilling for oil in the Arctic.

Of course I would like it if she expressed opposition to the KXL pipeline, but I don’t think she’s in a position, as a recent Secretary of State, to risk meddling in the way Obama is handling that delicate struggle, which I think also has come down to playing the clock.

I still worry, a lot, that she wouldn’t push for enough structural change when it comes to Big Money (and we certainly won’t “change everybody’s heart” there; but there’s still time for that, and she has at least spoken against a CEO/everybody-else income ratio in the 300/1 range.

I listening for her inner mensch, and I do think she’s in there.

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