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Diary 8-18-15

August 18, 2015

Dear Diary – Dined on the deck this evening, at sunset against the black profile of the distant ridge with its line of pines. No cloud shapes in the sky, but there was moisture up there, creating a wonderful abstract pastel with nuances of yellows, pinks, violets, greens, and, more to my left, the pale blues of the dryer sky. All luminescent, of course. And as I shifted my gaze, my eyes took colors along to overlay other colors.

And against that ground, the passenger planes taking off from SEATAC to my left, climbing to turn into the sunset, out to sea, or on around south toward Californie.

Btw, do you know that in the air over Europe, 1942-45, the black piloted 332nd Fighter Group (makes me think of New Zealand’s rugby All Blacks), flying P-51s (but they actually began with P-39s and 40s, for goodness sakes) in bomber escort and strafing attacks, lost only 27 bombers that they were protecting in 1578 total missions (and shot down 3 jets in one day). Let’s ask those all-white American bomber crews if Black Lives Matter.

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