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Who Will Own the GOP?

August 17, 2015

Who Will Own the GOP?

And I do mean ownership, the concrete form of power that controls.

I’m thinking that (barring something very unexpected) the Republican Party will not win the presidency in 2016, and therefore might not control the Supreme Court much longer. Even with their voter suppression activities, and other forms of rigging the vote count, the election for the White House will not be close enough for them to steal.

And I think they know that. They need to do as well as they can, for the down-ticket.

If that’s true, then the current build-up on the national level is about 2020, and who will own the Republican Party coming out of (the debacle of?) 2016.

First it’s about the winner of the nominee selection process. I don’t mean, among 16 of the 17 candidates, I mean among the five groups that I see deciding that competition: The Party Establishment (with centers in Texas and Wall Street), the Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk, Trump, Fox News (Murdock and Ailes), and the base voters.

The base voters are the pawns of the billionaires; but given the remnants of a democratic process (at least as a public face, a stage on which to play out the plot), the voters are also a weapon that each billionaire can try to gain control of and use against the others.

To the extent that the vote still counts, the count of the base voters will be the indicator of who owns The Party, going into the general election. So I wonder who will most effectively manipulate that vote.

[Update 8-18:  To me, this looks big:  ultraConserv Club for Growth (their own) (headed by uC David McIntosh, from my home state IN) will increase support in House races and against Trump.  At this point they’ll donate to both the Party Estab (BD) candidate and the leading KBI candidate, + plus cover a few lesser bases.

And now this (via Daily Kos, with links to original reporting) Trump Attack on Frank Luntz.  Too much fun!  Luntz is the Republican Party’s #1 single propagandist, as Fox News is its #1 propaganda medium; Luntz is its Master Wordsmith, and what does he come up with to try to put The Trump away? “fuck you”.  But Luntz knows what he’s doing, just as much as Trump does; and his audience, the “elites of America,” whom W called “my base,” will get the point.  Trouble is, the tea party base wants to say it to those guys, too.

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;”  Yeats.]

As I see it, the leaders at the moment are KBI, because in financing the Tea Party to oppose Obama they built an army of racists that they can use against their Republican competitors, and Trump, because of his own money and his attractiveness to those same potential insurgents within the GOP. Fox will be influential, but does not have a stake in who is the nominee, except that KBI can spend the most money on advertising.

I don’t know if Trump is in it to control the Party; and if he’s not, then he is not really at the high stakes table. And anyway, he can afford to fade. *

I don’t know how the Establishment can compete, especially since it is tied to the candidacy of another Bush (maybe this player should be called BD, the Bush Dynasty). Jeb, himself, does not seem up to the task, even if he didn’t have his brother weighing him down.

The owners of the nominee will own the Party, publically as well as privately, as of nomination night. Then attention shifts to the state and local level, for an immediate campaign to cripple the new Democratic president, and the longer campaign for the presidency in the 2020.

Again I see the KBI as being already off to a strong start, with its early investments in state and local government.

I’m foreseeing the GOP as a wholly-owned affiliate of KBI Industries (NLC).

As we say in sports, who really, really wants it? I think the Koch Bros want it more than anyone. I think that, by personality, they are the most dedicated competitors; I think that for them this is very personal; and time is running out.

Or maybe we’ll see how wrong I can be.

* 8-24-15  I must say, having just read the Evan Osnos in the 8/31 issue of The New Yorker, I’m impressed by Trump’s ability to attract the Tea Party and general racist white folk; one might guess that no candidate can now take them away from him, no matter how much money KBI throws at him.

8-29-16 (a whole year later!):  This column by Josh Marshall explores the dynamics of the break down and takeover of the R party by an alliance of its propaganda wing (extreme right media, especially Fox and Roger Ailes), Trump, and the extreme right wing of its voters (racists and other Fox viewers).  And now Ailes is a major advisor of Trump.  10-13:  Another Marshall (who is about to pub a book on Trump) column about the power of the Tea Party type of voters in the R Party, and of trump.

But meanwhile, the KBI is going big, on the state and local level, including financing campaigns for judgeships.  I still think they are the major fascist playas.  I can imagine T loses, and he and Ailes and the Breitbart media people establish a fascist media giant (Trump News Channel), and it becomes the propaganda wing of the KBI-owned R party, swinging the Trump voters behind KBI candidates, including a KBI 2020 presidential candidate..

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