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Trump Play the Ghost of Reagan?

August 12, 2015

The Ronald, that is, who was a media entertainer and more or less a clown depending on your point of view. A major Reagan slogan was that he would make America great again, and The Donald has been using it as if he invented it.

But remember the white, blue collar workers who became Reagan Democrats? Trump in Michigan yesterday played his immigrants race card to tell auto factory workers that he would not allow Ford to build a plant in Mexico.

My friends who suffer from PC Affront Syndrome will like him all the more when they hear that.

(I’m so enjoying having him as a character in this novel. He’s so Republican Base—except for being a billionaire—and he leaves so little to the imagination that I don’t have to do much work.)

(And btw, Bernie is a real mensch.)

[10-2-16  Wow, more like the ghost of Nixon (I’ll link, as soon as I find the article again).]

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