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You’re Fired!

August 11, 2015

is what voters should tell every Republican candidate for any office. We need a new, Constructive, second major party, so that whichever party holds office, we have a helpful opposition.

Governmental office-holders should largely represent what their constituents consider (sometimes rightly, sometimes mistakenly) to be in their own best interests—that’s one of the great goods of democracy; but the Republican Party now represents the (mistakenly) perceived best interests of racist white folks, narcissistic rich folks, and sexist men folk.

We need to have two major parties that legislate and lead the way to the marginalization of classism, racism, and sexism in our culture.

Don’t just dump Trump, dump the party whose perceived best interests, and whose policies and tactics, he so loudly represents.

(But note, Trump isn’t a politician, with a constituency; he’s a businessman, with an audience and a clientele.  But then, that’s true of everyone on that Republican stage.)

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