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Trump Trumps PC

August 10, 2015

Just now I had a thought that might make sense, regarding the popularity of Trump among the Republican base—the passionately opinionated and activist Right, among Americans who are more-or-less aware of what’s going on socially and politically.

Every now and then I exchange thoughts with one or another of my dear friends from long, long ago who never agree with my social and political views. Often I find that their refuge from my argument is to dismiss my view as another case of “PC Affront.”

It’s my impression that that is a Conservative meme about liberals; and my understanding is that, for my friends, “political correct(ness)” refers to the insistence on certain thoughts and words, whether true or false, and the prohibition of certain other thoughts and words, true or false, because liberals think they always know what is true, and liberals insist that everybody conform to those liberal-sanctioned thoughts and expressions.

Liberals are shallow and domineering. Insulting. Laughably stupid. My friends find liberal insistence on PC to be a personal affront. (But we get along together, at rare intervals, because our affection and care about each other run as deep as time.)

To my friends on the Right, PC is a way by which liberals intrude on their lives and try to control them (just like big government does). My friends feel that they are being shamed by people who are inferior to them—wrong-headed, hypocritical, self-righteous, and dangerously blind to reality, sometimes even to the point of immorality, or at least of sanctioning immorality.

I haven’t heard anybody charge Donald Trump with being Politically Correct, in what he thinks or how he expresses himself.

And so he’s very appealing to my friends on the Right, because they feel that liberals, including their dear old friend me, will not allow them to be themselves, to think what they know is true and right, and to express it in the way that they want to express it, to express themselves.

I definitely can sympathize with persons who feel that way about the conditions of their lives, and I can understand their desire to revolt against their oppressors. Humans can’t live that way.

My friends feel oppressed, and condescended to, by people who don’t know what life is really like, or who don’t have the balls to admit it.

Trump is a clown, but he’s a clown with the balls to be totally himself, fully in public, with a lot on the line—to think whatever he wants to think and to say what my friends would like to be saying. They say it by supporting The Donald.

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