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Diary 8-10-15

August 10, 2015

Dear Diary – Saw the neurologist-ophthamologist today, about the vertical double vision, six or seven months after the “attack”—long enough that I’ve lost track. In the meantime, my eyes have seemed to be slowly recovering, so that now my residual symptoms are muscle fatigue and “dry eyes” (which I realize I would have anyway, and must treat daily with drops).

This doctor is a very enjoyable person, and is excellent at explaining all of the possible causes and then going about eliminating them. Trauma to head, tumor, micro-stroke, and six or seven more, less severe. We eliminated all of them in my case, and ended up agreeing that I seem to be recovering and that I should simply “watch” my eye behavior closely, and get in touch with him immediately if there seems to be a recurrence. Good news.

And a bonus: I was carrying a paperback roman policier of Commissaire Maigret, by Simenon. Turned out that Docteur H also is studying French and wanted us to give a few minutes to conversational practice. He and I are about equally able to pursue a conversation (he’s slightly more “fluent,” if that word applies at our level), struggling with pronunciation and constantly searching for le mot. He is reading Camus, L’Étranger, which I used to teach, en anglais, and recently read en francais. He has heard of the Maigret novels, of course. Both Camus and Simenon offer useful but everyday vocabularies, dialogue, and grammar (including the ordinary past tenses instead of the traditional literary past tense).

Alors, un bon temps chez docteur.  Oh, he has a house in “the south of France.”  Quel dommage.

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